Metro Aerospace announced the commercial availability of its Microvanes, a drag-reduction and performance enhancement technology developed for the C-130/L-100 aircraft. Adhesively fastened on both sides of the fuselage, Microvanes can be added and removed without permanent alterations to both legacy and J-model aircraft.

The additive manufactured parts reduce total drag on the aircraft by approximately 15 points by reshaping air flow around the aft cargo door. The result is a reduction of more than 3 percent (approximately 25.5 gallons per hour) in fuel consumption, as well as notable reduction on inboard engine wear. Priced at only $125,000 per shipset, Microvanes are said to be one of the more cost-effective fuel reduction improvements for large cargo aircraft, due to their rapid return-on-investment, ease of installation, minimal aircraft downtime, and lack of adverse impact on airdrop operations.

“Obtaining the exclusive, global license to manufacture this patented technology has enabled Metro Aerospace to rapidly bring the Microvanes to market, providing operators with significant fuel savings and increased time on mission,” stated Leslie Peters, Metro Aerospace President and CEO.